Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Devil's Reason Part 1


“Because I said so!”

The father and the child were walking away from their beat up mini-van, which is common sign of middle class income. The ownership of this mostly due to the unexpected development of a parasite in the mother the latter of whom would die in childbirth. The parasite would grow into that child walking next to the man, a man completely vacant of ambitions. The man spent his early years working for something; however this was a problem because it was just a “something”. Before he knew it, his hair receded, his stomach grew, and his wife was dead. All of the resulting frustration and animosity the man felt was aimed at the young boy. The man felt that in some way, all of his problems manifested from his child.

“I don’t like coming here, pa.” said the boy. “It’s always so busy and cold.”

“Quit your talking, ain’t nobody want to hear what you have to say boy.” The father replied in his usual uncaring tone.

In fact, the actual place they were heading into was the local super market, the best place to be on a blazing summer day in the south. The beeps from the registers were constant and almost musical. Something sweet and giddy, practically comical, they rang together as if little elves were underneath chiming in to create a symphony. The animals would dance and the fawns would run around sprinkling powder that would fashion trees. Trees; so large that the tops could not be seen by the naked eye; only an adventurer would dare seek its climax. Then the chimes stopped and the woods became dark, the animals fell to the earth and their bodies inflated with maggots. The maggots turned into to flies, the flies then in turn ate everything around them destroying the forest and its beauty. The trees that once talked and swayed were nothing but holes in the ground. One could blame the elves for attracting evil with their music and others can blame themselves for not preventing this atrocity. When it comes down to it, horrible events can happen for no reason and sometimes one just needs to sigh and look at his or her feet.