Monday, October 26, 2009

The Devil's Reason Part 2

The boy walked down select aisles with his father, as he did not hold the man's large hand because the man always pulled away. The denial of attention was enough to condition the boy into not even bothering to win the father over. At night, sometimes the man would drink. He would drink till the sentences grouped together to create a word with far too many syllables. The father would then chase the boy outside and lock the door behind the fleeing child. He never liked his boy, never would, and things in his mind, he thought, would be better off without his son.

As they approached the counter to be checked out, the young girl with the horrible mandatory outfit smiled. The boy smiled back.

“Hi, how are you?” the boy asked.

“Shut up, mind your business and don’t embarrass me.” The father turned to the young cashier and rolled his eyes at his son.

The father paid and grabbed the bags; he made the son carry one, thinking the boy ought to be useful. Halfway through the parking lot the boy stopped and stared at the ground. The father walked a little ways until he noticed that the boy was hanging behind.

“Come on! We don’t have all fucking day.” The father never censored himself around the boy’s impressionable mind. Why should he? He didn’t care.

“What would mom think? About you that is, what would she say to you right now?” The boy was starting to cry, he never confronted his father about his behavior. The boy never knew his mom but he figured it might hit the man hard.

“We should never have had that child.” The man said.

It was a romantic idea to think that the boy could in fact, turn this monster into a lamb with a couple of questions. The son cried, loudly. The man dragged him to the front seat of the min-van and threw the bags behind the driver’s side. The father was more worried that the boy would cause attention. After they are both in and buckled, the father slaps the boy twice with the back of his right hand. The boy sobbed, too emotionally exhausted to even yell out. The father then feels something being pressed to the back of his head.

“I want you to drive a little bit.” said the voice from behind the boy and the father, a thick smoke smelling voice.

The father forgot to lock the van, he was too lost in thought, and he just made a huge mistake.

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